The Weekend is Over…

Yes, I am sad sad to say the weekend is all but over now… Though as promised I’m back to let you know what we got up to.

Well it did run pretty much to plan, Saturday morning was indeed spent with Son making some solo videos on the creative mode of Minecraft, the first of which you can see below. He then made another shorter one, got bored of playing on his own then dragged me to join him so we could start building a water-park!

Then, again as planned, we went to his swimming lesson, where he spent most of the lesson without arm bands. Insert proud dad comment! The rest of the day was spent with Son drawing a few pictures, recording more gaming video, me doing some editing and Son watching some of his favourite YouTubers.

We also saw a tweet from DanTDM introducing insomnia gaming festival, where he will be appearing and we pretty much decided that we should attend!

Today we didn’t quite get to lounge around in bed as we dragged ourselves up and took Son to Creepy Crawlies where we spent a good couple of hours having fun while mummy sat and read her Kindle.

We then came home, had some lunch, I upgraded my video editing software, tried to figure out how it works and we recorded another video. By then it was time for me to watch the football (soccer) of which my team won! We had some tea, Son then had a bath and went to bed.

And here I am, busy typing away whilst another video uploads to our YouTube channel. So all in all a very relaxing and enjoyable weekend.

The only downside… My boss supports the team Liverpool FC beat today…


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