Weekend off!

After a busy week at work it’s finally come around to my weekend off!

So what do we have planned?… Well, very little, I don’t know how others may feel but I like to do very little when I have time off, I mainly just like to rest and recharge. I’m sure there are those of you out there that try to cram in as many fun things as possible but that just doesn’t work for us. We consider relaxing as fun.

Today’s plan, let the child make some more of his Minecraft videos (this time he wants to make some on his own, it will be difficult to stop myself ordering him about!), then he has his swimming lesson (I must admit that is always great to watch how much fun he has), after that come back home and do… very little, though I may cram a few chores in there to keep the boss the right side of happy.

Tomorrow’s plan, wake up, lay in bed a little longer and eventually drag ourselves into the world. Then avoid doing much until the football (soccer) is on in the afternoon, my team of choice? Liverpool FC. I’m sure I will be threatened into doing something constructive and will surely spend a lot of time on the laptop, editing videos, trying to grow our fanbase, and no doubt uploading the final cut to our YouTube channel.

Now some of you may think that is plain lazy and I must admit it does seem it in some form, but those are the things I enjoy doing.

Now tomorrow night I shall do another post to let you all know how the weekend went and if anything else cropped up.


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