A Sparky without son video…

Hi guys,

Back in July I pre-ordered Evolve for when it was released. I finally received my copy today.

Little did I know when I first ordered it that Liam and I would be making videos for our own YouTube channel from the games we play. When I received the email telling me that the order had been dispatched I decided that I would record some videos by myself of Evolve gameplay, as it is too old for Liam to watch, never mind play.

When it actually came around to it tonight, after everyone else had head off to bed, I put it off for a while as I was feeling very self-conscious of recording by myself. When I have Liam there with me it’s just so easy because we have fun doing it and we can bounce off each other, when it’s just me however it feels a lot harder…

I haven’t watched the recording back yet, as I want to make sure that I upload it and don’t just discard it!

Has anyone else felt like this when recording their first video?


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