Too many hobbies, not enough time.

Who else suffers from the same problem?

Do you feel that sometimes working for a living just gets in the way of the fun you can have doing the things you enjoy? But then again, if you don’t work for a living how can you afford to do the things you enjoy?

For me this used to be nice and simple, I enjoy playing video games, so I spend a lot of my time doing so. Then I discovered table top wargames, so then that took over another facet of my spare time and it does consume a lot of it when you consider all the building of the miniatures you use to play the games, painting them, storing them, finding somewhere to play a game, setting it all up and putting it all away when finished… Woah, that is a lot.

I also enjoy watching football, (soccer) admittedly I watch from the comfort of my own home, and then of course there are the T.V. series I enjoy watching…

And now I have the new hobby of my YouTube channel with my son, that takes up a great deal of time, recording the videos, editing the videos, uploading the videos, promoting the videos… OK, that does include playing video games too (but sometimes it’s nice to play the games I want to play the way that I want to play them).

For the last five years the biggest “hobby” we have had is raising our son, obviously that is not a hobby, but it is something we enjoy very much!

Then on top of that there are the other chores that come with being one of those grown up’s, though I do get a very good deal with that as the wife does let me get away with doing less than I should…

I’m sure there are those of you that have a lot more going on in their lives and I must admit I do sound very selfish, but how do we manage to cram all those things we want to do into every minute of our lives?

Please someone, let me know.


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