Hello world!

Hello everyone, my name is Mark and I am the older half of Sparky and Son.

The original idea for creating this blog was to highlight our YouTube channel so that we could spread the word from more avenues and ultimately get ourselves more views on it. However, the more I think about it, the more I want it to be more than that. Now, my ultimate aim is to share with you my experiences of bringing up our son, the fun we have together and what brings us together. So I do hope you stick around so you can have a brief insight into our lives, the fun we have and the (hopefully few) challenges we face.

What led me here to start this blog in the first place was my Son’s love of watching gaming videos on YouTube, I’m sure many parents out there will know what I’m talking about, he spends so much time watching people play games and sharing their exploits online, his favourites mostly revolve around Minecraft. It can be hard sometimes to get him away from these now so he will actually interact with us, this became even harder when I upgraded my iPad and he inherited my old one. So we now have to limit the time he spends on it. I should say my son, Liam, is currently 5 years old and he is very used to modern technology now, a lot more so than I was at his age, but I suppose that’s just the way the world is nowadays…

Anyway… I started taking an interest in these video’s he was watching, mostly to make sure the content he was watching was appropriate for him, but also as a gamer myself, I was interested to see what was in these videos and started to enjoy a few myself. So we ended up watching them together fairly often. We bought Minecraft for my Xbox One and I started to enjoy playing it and we would play together, with Liam often telling me how to play due to the things he learned from the videos.

It was around Christmas 2014 when I started to think it could be quite fun if we started making videos of our gaming sessions to share with people too, so I started to browse online to see what was needed technology wise to enable us to record our games. Within a couple of weeks I found myself on Amazon buying a game capture device that could record our Xbox game play.

Eventually it arrived and we set down to test it out (with the use of my wife’s laptop) to see how it turned out. After a few practice videos it turned out that the laptop couldn’t quite cope with the higher quality HD video recording so we had to use the lower settings, and the cheap microphone I bought with the capture device produced poor sound, so the next thing we invested in was an upgrade to the microphone. A few weeks later I got myself a new laptop so we are now producing HD quality videos with decent commentary sound quality (if not quite content) from me and Liam.

As you can see it turned out to be quite an expensive hobby but it has been very much worth it, as Liam loves making videos with me and to be perfectly honest I love doing them too. But once we have finished recording and he heads off to bed I get to spend the hours editing and uploading and trying to promote our channel and I find that all strangely enjoyable too. I have found myself checking everyday to see how many views we have had and at the moment this feels slightly disappointing as we don’t seem to be reaching many people, which is what had me looking to see what other channels I could use to promote, hence now being here.

But now I have started, I want this to be more than an advert for our channel, I want to share everything else that goes with it. A lot of people seem to video log, but myself I enjoy writing so I thought this would be the perfect way for me to share, so I hope you enjoyed my introduction to our experience and I hope to provide regular insights.

Thank you.


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4 Responses to Hello world!

  1. BlogCreatifa says:

    My son is six and loves to watch gaming videos, namely Minecraft. It’s lovely that you have a hobby that you can share together 😊


  2. sparkyandson says:

    That’s wonderful, thank you very much!
    If there is anything your son would like to see us do please do leave a comment on the channel 🙂


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