Time to meet Sparky and Son

We have a new video!

More carrying on with Son’s waterpark in Minecraft. This time with added facecam.


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The Weekend is Over…

Yes, I am sad sad to say the weekend is all but over now… Though as promised I’m back to let you know what we got up to.

Well it did run pretty much to plan, Saturday morning was indeed spent with Son making some solo videos on the creative mode of Minecraft, the first of which you can see below. He then made another shorter one, got bored of playing on his own then dragged me to join him so we could start building a water-park!

Then, again as planned, we went to his swimming lesson, where he spent most of the lesson without arm bands. Insert proud dad comment! The rest of the day was spent with Son drawing a few pictures, recording more gaming video, me doing some editing and Son watching some of his favourite YouTubers.

We also saw a tweet from DanTDM introducing insomnia gaming festival, where he will be appearing and we pretty much decided that we should attend!

Today we didn’t quite get to lounge around in bed as we dragged ourselves up and took Son to Creepy Crawlies where we spent a good couple of hours having fun while mummy sat and read her Kindle.

We then came home, had some lunch, I upgraded my video editing software, tried to figure out how it works and we recorded another video. By then it was time for me to watch the football (soccer) of which my team won! We had some tea, Son then had a bath and went to bed.

And here I am, busy typing away whilst another video uploads to our YouTube channel. So all in all a very relaxing and enjoyable weekend.

The only downside… My boss supports the team Liverpool FC beat today…


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Weekend off!

After a busy week at work it’s finally come around to my weekend off!

So what do we have planned?… Well, very little, I don’t know how others may feel but I like to do very little when I have time off, I mainly just like to rest and recharge. I’m sure there are those of you out there that try to cram in as many fun things as possible but that just doesn’t work for us. We consider relaxing as fun.

Today’s plan, let the child make some more of his Minecraft videos (this time he wants to make some on his own, it will be difficult to stop myself ordering him about!), then he has his swimming lesson (I must admit that is always great to watch how much fun he has), after that come back home and do… very little, though I may cram a few chores in there to keep the boss the right side of happy.

Tomorrow’s plan, wake up, lay in bed a little longer and eventually drag ourselves into the world. Then avoid doing much until the football (soccer) is on in the afternoon, my team of choice? Liverpool FC. I’m sure I will be threatened into doing something constructive and will surely spend a lot of time on the laptop, editing videos, trying to grow our fanbase, and no doubt uploading the final cut to our YouTube channel.

Now some of you may think that is plain lazy and I must admit it does seem it in some form, but those are the things I enjoy doing.

Now tomorrow night I shall do another post to let you all know how the weekend went and if anything else cropped up.


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When does inspiration hit?

Hello everyone,

I’ve not posted anything for a few days as I’ve been waiting for inspiration to hit…

And unfortunately I’m still waiting…

Now, how long does this normally take and in what form? Is it a recognisable thing or is it something you have to work at?

It hasn’t helped that’s it’s been slightly busy at work due to good old February half-term so when I get home I just want to crash out and do very little, including thinking!

So if anyone would like to share their ideas on inspiration because I believe as stated above there are generally two camps for this.

That is all.


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Here is the Sparky without Son video.

As referred to in this post. Here is the first Sparky without Son video of Evolve.

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Armchair change.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Buffalo Nickel.”

So today’s prompt, find a coin down the side of the sofa, chair, etc. Tell everybody what you were doing the year printed on said coin.

So I just reached to the left, put my hand down the side of the armchair and pulled out a £1 coin (bonus!), the year was 2002.

I need to have a little think about that now, it was a long time ago!

Well that was the year before I moved from my hometown to where I am now. I was working at a seaside carvery restaurant, working long hours during the summer and very little during the winter. Going out often on nights out with friends, still living with my mother and desperately looking for a way out of town!

How times change, I’m now married with a 5 year old son, living in a wonderful city, I spend most of my nights in and have what I would consider a fabulous job!

How things have changed.

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A Sparky without son video…

Hi guys,

Back in July I pre-ordered Evolve for when it was released. I finally received my copy today.

Little did I know when I first ordered it that Liam and I would be making videos for our own YouTube channel from the games we play. When I received the email telling me that the order had been dispatched I decided that I would record some videos by myself of Evolve gameplay, as it is too old for Liam to watch, never mind play.

When it actually came around to it tonight, after everyone else had head off to bed, I put it off for a while as I was feeling very self-conscious of recording by myself. When I have Liam there with me it’s just so easy because we have fun doing it and we can bounce off each other, when it’s just me however it feels a lot harder…

I haven’t watched the recording back yet, as I want to make sure that I upload it and don’t just discard it!

Has anyone else felt like this when recording their first video?


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